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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Office Furniture

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Purchasing office furnishing should involve realistic considerations, which go beyond aesthetics. You must factor in the comfort of your guests and your employees when making every decision. Remember your business will succeed if you give your employees the environment they require to be productive. Again, buying the wrong office chair in Auckland or whatever urban jungle you belong to can cause your employees serious back problems. Surprisingly, many people make some costly mistakes when buying their office furnishing. Some of these mistakes include:

Not considering comfort

When buying office furnishing, comfort equals output. Ergonomic design is very important to the productivity and comfort of your employees. Features like contoured seats, armrest, adjustable seats and lumbar backrest support can help reduce lost workdays and work-related injuries. They can help lower your medical insurance and worker’s compensation costs.

Selecting trending styles instead of the timeless ones

Choosing furnishing that is simple, but has an appealing design can offer you long-term value. Purchasing furnishing with a timeless look can make it easy for you to add matching pieces as your business develops and styles change. Some office furniture may be costly, and changing them as time changes may cost your business a lot of money. Again, you would not like to have outdated furnishing in your office. Ensure you settle with furniture that will not look out of date few years after purchasing.

Not considering the total ownership cost

The selling price of office furniture is simply the starting point. To evaluate the total cost of ownership, you should include items like taxes, freight charges, any special packaging and handling needed. You should also factor in services such as installation and assembly. Be keen on terms such as delivered price, as they may have a deeper meaning. It is imperative to add all these prices into the total cost when evaluating the total purchasing cost. Also, ensure you compare and review warranties. In most cases you may never need the warranty. However, in case you may require the warranty, it is imperative to know exactly what the warranty covers.

Buying without the future in mind

When beginning a new enterprise, or increasing furniture so as to expand, you should consider how the furniture will suit your present and future environment. Have a picture of your business in future and consider how office chair in Auckland you buy will adapt to the changing technology and your expected business expansion plans.

Purchasing without having an office plan

It is certain that you can never make an informed decision if you are not sure of what you need. The same thing applies when purchasing new or old office furnishing. Having a good plan in mind will enable you make an informed decision since it keeps you on track.

From the reception area to conference and meeting space, you need to find office furniture that makes your office an amazing place to be. Don’t let the excitement of setting up a new office hinder you from taking time to look for the most appropriate office chair in Auckland (if you’re here with us in the city). Remember that making a bad investment can cost your business a lot of money in terms of repeated purchase.

4 Top Ways to Prevent Spoiled Inventory for Your Restaurant Business

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With the right refrigeration system, spoiled food in a restaurant is minimised if not completely eliminated. If industrial refrigeration can benefit from very large cooling systems, the more that dining establishments would.

Although the scale of refrigeration in restaurants doesn’t require ammonia refrigeration like food processing industries would, proper cooling and storage are crucial.

How can you preserve food items and maximise their earning potential?

Monitor acquisition dates

Regardless if a supplier promises the best and freshest catch and hauls of the day, it is vital to keep track of the use-by and expiry dates of all ingredients. Those that were purchased first must be used first to prevent a spoiled inventory.

  • Label foods properly and make sure the date is prominent and conspicuous.
  • Arrange the cooling system in a way that the first items purchased are accessed first.
  • All workers should be aware of the purchase process, from date of delivery to date of expiration, so older items are used first.

Follow proper storage techniques

  • Keep fridge temperature at 40 ° F (4 ° C) and not a degree higher. This will prevent bacteria growth.
  • Ensure cold air can properly circulate. Avoid piling up food items too high or too tight.
  • Store items in sealed containers to prevent spills that can cause cross-contamination, especially from thawing meat.
  • High-risk items like cheese and eggs should be stored only up to 7 days. Any longer and they will be spoiled and will affect the taste of the foods that will be served.

In addition, make sure to schedule your next round of purchase based on the expiration date and timeframe of previously purchased food items.

Clean the refrigerator regularly

Your restaurant’s refrigeration system will only stay functional when properly maintained. Cleaning should be scheduled regularly, but don’t wait for the ice to form excessively as this can affect the overall taste and texture of food.

Take care of your restaurant’s fridge and chillers like a food processing company would. Be thankful that you don’t need to hire technicians from industrial refrigeration Melbourne company has to get the job done. But failure to take care of your cooling equipment can result in costly problems.

Prepare for any service interruption

Are you prepared for when power failure takes place? Do you have a backup power or different refrigeration remedies?

Before you can develop a backup plan, you need to gather vital data:

  • The most likely sources of power failure
  • The length of time and frequency that potential power loss occurs
  • The most awful situation for when power blackout lasts a long time

As soon as you have the information, you can determine to buy backup power or not. Ensure to conduct a cost-analysis benefit to identify which power plan will provide enough power throughout a service interruption.

After that, have alternative refrigeration options in place in case of a catastrophe, such as a tornado or a flood. One alternative is to have an arrangement with a different branch to have your inventory moved to their cooling equipment temporarily.

Hire Professional Industrial Refrigeration Services

NKS Refrigeration & Air Conditioning is the company you can rely on for support services and maintenance for all types of refrigeration, whether commercial and industrial. From restaurant cooling equipment to ammonia and glycol refrigeration systems, they can help. Contact them for your refrigeration needs. For more information, visit their website at:

Outstanding Metal Fabrication Services through Skillful Precision

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The production processes of metal structures and metallic items are both complicated and require a substantial investment. This process can be costly if handled incorrectly. It is always important to remember that once it is done, undoing will cause greater harm than good. This is because the processes of fabrication involve change of shape, cutting, heating and even machining. Skill is a crucial element in achieving success in the fabrication of metal. It is, therefore, crucial to have your fabrication done by competent people. Metal fabrication Sydney services are handled by skilled professionals ready to deliver great service and ensure your project goes smoothly.

metal fabrication Sydney

Fabrication Processes                                         

There are several processes used in fabrication. They include:

  • Cutting: done to get the required lengths of shape for a particular fitting; it can be sheet metal or metal rods and is done through chiseling, sawing and even using automatic cutters. Proper measurements are crucial as it reduces wastages and reworking which can be very costly.
  • Bending: achieved through bending machines and hydraulic systems like press brakes. Proper positioning of the bending lines produces accurate angles and results in good workmanship.Good service providers are able to guarantee accurate bending and forming.
  • Assembly: This involves joining of workpieces or metal parts together and is an important process in metalworking. Joining can be through riveting, use of bolts and nuts, welding, and even use of fasteners. The success of this process is governed by the attention and detail achieved in the other processes. Major problems arise during assembly when the previous forming was done poorly. To avoid this, it is imperative to look for metal fabrication Sydney companies have that could be a source of experience in these fabrication processes and can deliver to the client expectations.

Accuracy Challenges in Metal Fabrication

Variation in the dimension is a major issue that engineers and technicians have to deal with regularly. It usually happens when an assembly is done away from the actual site of use. Interphases between related parts, which have been assembled differently, can be problematic to deal with. Poor fitting among fabricated pieces especially those requiring bolts and nuts can lead to structural problems and even prompt for rework. It requires skill and precision to achieve this perfection. Metal fabrication Sydney clients recommend, such as Blv engineering, have perfected this skill from their wide-ranging experience in fabrication and expatriate staff.


In an effort to handle this problem, tolerances are allowed in engineering. These are allowances given that have no effect on the strength and even the appearance of the final structure or item. They are classified into essential, functional, and special tolerances based on the engineers decision.Metal fabrication in Sydney is no longer a challenge with the presence of innovative engineers. The Sydney metal fabrication company Blv Engineering is a leader in fabrication and innovation, covering areas of structure design, fabrication and engineering.


To find metal fabrication Sydney offers, you can easily go to to know more about their great company, work quotation and a whole range of other metal working services.

Finding the Right Business Consultant in the UK

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Engaging with a professional business consultant requires various serious considerations, unless you have a very trusted referral that you can count on. When you are planning to engage a consultant to grow your business from strength to strength, it is important to take so through a careful and very comprehensive selection process. You need to attach the same due diligence to this process as you would when you are hiring a new employee or a new business partner.

At the top of your priorities should be the expertise in business consultancy services. Yet there are many other factors that you should put into consideration such as compatible personality. Look at someone who is truly passionate about improving every aspect of your business and not just the bank balance. The management consultancies that you are planning to work with should be passionately invested in the success of your business just as you are.

Business Consultancy Services

Below are some useful criteria that you can put into use in order to hire the right consultancy services that can genuinely improve your business:

Do they have the right consultancy experience?

Every potential consultancy service that you are planning to work with, ideally, should have worked with numerous other businesses and organisations. In other words, it is important that they have a very clear track record of business consultancy success that you can count on.

As part of your insight into the experience of the consultancy services, take a look at the size of businesses that they have handled in the past.  Business consultants typically have their niche. If they worked with small businesses, then they most probably have greater specialisation in handling small business consultancy services. On the other hand, if their main experience is with the large business and corporations, then you can expect them to have greater specialisation in handling the large corporate jobs.

This also goes on to influence the consultant’s pricing regime. Those that have worked with smaller businesses are more likely to charge lower rates as opposed to those that have worked with the large corporates and have potentially limitless resources to deploy in business consultancy services.

It is also important to look at the type of work that the business consultancy service has handled.  While some business consultancies will offer services across the board in areas such as marketing, sales, process improvement, financial management and business succession, others are more specialised and will offer consultancies in very particular areas. When you are hiring a consultant for your business, it is important to ensure that their consultancy experience closely matches your business needs.

Are they a “template” consultancy?

Is the consultancy able to offer you highly customised business analysis services and other services that are uniquely tailored to your business condition? Avoid the consultants that have a one-size-fits-all approach.  These usually have “templates” to which they will fit your business instead of developing unique templates for your business situation.

Are you striking a warm rapport?

Within a few minutes of meeting a business consultant, it should be possible to gage their working personas. Are they people that you can work with? One of the key considerations that you must factor in when looking for a business consultancy service is a compatible personality that will allow both of you to work smoothly moving forward.

What are others saying about their services?

References are always important tools when you are shopping for the best service. Look at the testimonials on their website. You may also ask the consultancy service for a contact or two of businesses that they have worked with in the past.

Are they invested in your long-term business success?

Once a process has been implemented by the business consultancy services provider, they should have a stake in seeing it run well. There should be a concerted effort on their end to make this work if they are truly concerned about the success of your business. can help you out when it comes to the best business consultancy services.